Our Mission

To provide national leadership in academic and professional training of teachers in the teacher education sector through creative teaching, research and community service.

Our Vision

The College was established with a vision to lead in the training of effective and creative teachers and the promotion of professionalism, research and community service in Nigeria, and to lead in the internationalization of the teacher education programmes and the integration of the host community into the main stream of the National Education Agents.

Our Objectives

  1. To provide full-time courses in teaching, instruction and training in arts, social science, humanities, education, applied science etc and such other fields of learning relevant to the needs of the development of the State in particular and Nigeria in general as the Council may from time to time determine.
  2. To offer courses leading to the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) through a three year academic and professional courses on successful completion of which candidates shall qualify as teachers in Primary and Post Primary schools.
  3. To offer courses leading to degree and diploma in education.
  4. To act as Centre for research in to the various areas of educational theory and practice.
  5. To run, from time to time, in-service vacation courses for serving teachers.
  6. To play a consultancy role in all sections of the teaching profession.
  7. To arrange conferences, seminars and workshops relevant to the field of learning specified above.
  8. To perform such other functions as in the opinion of the Council may serve to promote the objectives of the College.